The Proform ZE5 elliptical trainer also interfaces with iFit cards, which allow you to get a variety of preprogrammed workouts. Reviews are quite decent.

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Proform ZE5 Elliptical Trainer - Decent Machine for the Money

The Proform ZE5 is a discount model that actually has some nice features to it. A bit more expensive than Proform's lesser models, this one does a decent job of straddling the line between discount and quality. The machine will have some drawbacks, however, which may not be that big of a problem for those who work out on a moderate schedule.


  • Stride Length Adjusts to 13", 15" and 18"
  • Easy Storage
  • iFit Card Compatible
  • MP3 Port with Features
  • Workout Fan
  • Folds Up for Storage
  • Warranty: 1-year parts and labor; extendable

Proform ZE5 Elliptical Trainer Pros

The Proform ZE5 ellipticals are a bargain-priced series, but they're actually decent machines, according to quite a few of the Proform ZE5 elliptical reviews. These machines boast nice creature comfort features, such as the workout fan and the MP3 player interface and built-in speakers. These features don't add much to the cardio workout, of course, but they do give the machine a bit more of a quality feel and can be useful in terms of making you want to use the machine for a longer stretch of time.proform ze5 cross trainer review

The Proform ZE5 cross trainer also interfaces with iFit cards, which allow you to get a variety of preprogrammed workouts in. These are great features for those who like to keep things interesting and who quickly tire of doing the same workout over and over. The machine also has 16 exercise programs of its own, so there are plenty of options for making this machine fun to use. It also has the ability to fold down and store easily, which makes it a good choice for those who live in apartments or small homes with limited space.

Proform ZE5 Elliptical Trainer Cons

The Proform ZE5 elliptical machine is designed, in part, to be affordable, and that comes with its drawbacks. The flywheel is a relatively light 13 lbs., which means that the workout might be something less than smooth. It boasts a 275-pound weight capacity, but this might not be enough for some users and that represents the absolute top end. Between that and the lack of a more generous 20" stride setting—which is standard for the most expensive machines on the market—taller individuals may find this machine to be too small for them.

The Proform ZE5 trainers also come with a rather limited warranty compared to the most expensive machines on the market. While they come at a lower price and the warranty can be extended, it's not quite what other manufacturers offer in the way of standing behind their products.


The Proform ZE5 elliptical trainer is a good deal for the price. It's priced at $599, which should be within the range of someone starting out with one of these machines. It costs more than many of this manufacturer's other offerings, but the quality is there. Still, the more high-end manufacturers offer comparably-priced models with longer stride lengths and more robust builds, so shopping around is advised, particularly for taller individuals.

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