At under $800 the Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical trainer offers some really advanced features. User reviews note the comfortable operation and gracious stride length.

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Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Trainer - A True Bargain with Advanced Features

The Livestrong 8.0E elliptical trainer offers a good workout in a package that won't break the bank. Provided with plenty of quality components in its construction, it should provide a long service life. It's not the most advanced machine on the market, however, and true enthusiasts might want something a bit more feature rich.

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Specificationslivestrong 8e elliptical trainer review

  • 16 Levels of Resistance
  • 9 Workout Programs
  • 20 Inch Stride Length
  • 0" Pedal Spacing
  • SmoothStride Pedal Cushioning
  • 5 Position Manual Incline
  • 300 lb. User Capacity
  • 23-lbs Flywheel Weight
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Brake, 1 Year In-Home Labor

The Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Pros

The price on this model is certainly right and it offers those who are looking for a quality machine a price point that's sensible. The machine has 9 different workouts, so it doesn't feel like you're compromising on what you'd get working out at the gym; there is plenty to keep you busy. The machine is also provided with a good warranty and the construction is durable.

The Q-factor pedal spacing is a nice plus for this machine. It mimics the way that your feet are actually positioned when you walk, so you get a more natural workout. Those who find machines too rigid to get the same workout they get from walking and running will appreciate this feature. The machine also has 5 manual incline positions, which makes it easy to adjust the difficulty of your workout as you progress with the machine. This device also has a heavy flywheel, so you don’t have to worry about it underperforming because of the weight not being there. It should offer a smooth workout experience for a long time and the good handlebar spacing means that, combined with the smoother operation, you can get a very natural walking experience.

The Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Cons

For those who are truly advanced, the Livestrong 8.0E elliptical machine might be a little bit too light on features. The size is generous, but those who have a very long stride may find that Livestrong 8.0E ellipticals don't have enough room for a truly comfortable workout. The Livestrong 8.0E elliptical machine does have the drawback of being from a new line of products on the market. While the quality seems to be there, the machines haven't been around that long, so durability might be a question.

The Livestrong 8.0E comes at a very low price, under $1,000, so this is squarely aimed at the beginner and lighter workout crowd. Those who work out a lot on their machines might want something that is a bit more generous in terms of space and stride length and might want more flexibility with features and workouts.


At $800, users can't do much better in terms of price. This machine has a lot of nice features and, surprisingly, some of them are quite advanced, given the price. The Livestrong 8.0E elliptical might be just what the beginning enthusiast ordered. For more advanced users, however, the pricier models on the market will likely deliver more of what they're looking for.

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Livestrong 8.0E Elliptical Trainer Review - A True Bargain with Advanced Features
The price on this model is certainly right and it offers those who are looking for a quality machine a price point that's sensible. The machine has 9 different workouts, so it doesn't feel like you're compromising.

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