The Livestrong 13.0E Elliptical Trainer receives some excellent reviews by offering 20 levels of resistance huge user capacity.

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Livestrong 13.0E Elliptical Trainer - Excellent Features Make this a Winner

Provided with more features than the 8.0E and the 10.0E, the Livestrong 13.0E elliptical trainer is designed for those who take their workouts seriously. It's got a lot of features that result in a higher price, but those who want the most satisfying workout possible and a wide selection of options will likely find it suitable.

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  • 214 lbs. Assembledlivestrong 13e elliptical trainer review
  • 30 lbs. Flywheel
  • Heart Rate Monitoring via Grips
  • 0" Q-Factor Pedal Spacing
  • 12 Training Programs
  • 20 Levels of Resistance
  • LIVETRACK Fitness Journal
  • LIVETRACK Interactive Entertainment Interface
  • CoolFit Fitness Fan
  • 350 lbs. User Capacity
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame and brakes. 2 years in-home labor, 5 years parts

Livestrong 13.0E Elliptical Pros

This is the most expensive machine that Livestrong makes and the specs show it. This is made for those who love working out on an elliptical and who want to make sure that they have the most flexible and enjoyable experience possible when doing so. The Livestrong 13.0E cross trainer boasts a very sturdy frame, a good warranty and a 30-pound flywheel that ensures smooth performance. The CoolFit fitness fan is also a nice touch and makes it a lot more comfortable to do a strenuous workout.

No matter how particular you are, the 20 levels of resistance should keep you busy. The 12 training programs also make it easy to keep engaged with this machine. The Livestrong 13.0E elliptical trainer also has some nice convenience features, such as the MaxTone footpads. These ensure that your foot stays at the right angle to get the best workout for your legs. The LIVETRACK Interactive entertainment feature allows you to plug your MP3 player into the Livestrong 13.0E elliptical Machine so that you can have some entertainment to keep you company while you're getting a good workout in. This machine can hold up to 350 pounds of fitness fanatic, so larger individuals should have no problems using this machine.

Livestrong 13.0E Elliptical Cons

Livestrong hasn't been on the market for very long, so this machine hasn't improved itself as much as has the competition. While this might be an issue for some users, the generous warranty terms can also be seen as a legitimate way to offset this fact. The heavy weight of the machine makes it inconvenient for those who might need to move it out of the way when they're done with a workout. The high price of this particular trainer makes it something that only those who are sure that they want to continue working out on elliptical trainers should consider.


With a $1299.99 price tag, the Livestrong 13.0E elliptical is going to give your wallet something of a workout. The features are excellent but, where many workout enthusiasts are concerned, there may be just as much to love in the lower-priced 10.0E model for a few hundred dollars less. The MaxTone footpad, however, is a very interesting feature and should have quite a bit of appeal to those who want a machine that is designed to give their body the best workout possible from top to bottom.

On Sale at for $1,299 - Save $800!

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No matter how particular you are, the 20 levels of resistance should keep you busy. The 12 training programs also make it easy to keep engaged with this machine.