The Weslo Elliptical Trainers pricing may be attractive but beware of many models, you get what you pay for. Questionable reviews make weary of many models.

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Weslo Momentum 630 Elliptical - $199
Weslo Momentum 630 Elliptical rating

Weslo Momentum CT 3.0 Elliptical - $199
Weslo Momentum CT 3.0 Elliptical rating

Weslo Momentum CT 3.8 Elliptical - $199
Weslo Momentum CT 3.8 Elliptical rating

Weslo Momentum G 3.8 Elliptical - $199
Weslo Momentum G 3.8 Elliptical rating

Weslo Momentum 620 Elliptical - $259
Weslo Momentum 620 Elliptical rating

Weslo Momentum CT 5.0 Elliptical - $299
Weslo Momentum CT 5.0 Elliptical rating

Weslo Momentum CT 5.9 Elliptical - $299
Weslo Momentum CT 5.9 Elliptical rating

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Weslo Elliptical Trainers - Price may be attractive but Buyer Beware!

The Weslo brand name is another line of elliptical trainers manufactured by ICON health and fitness; the giants of the fitness and exercising industry. ICON’s idea behind launching Weslo elliptical units was to segment a large portion of the customer market, which is why Weslo ellipticals are the most economical and lowest prices machines offer by ICON, among their line of many ellipticals.

The most expensive Weslo ellipticals cost around $300. The price itself states what these ellipticals have to offer is a very basic and entry-level unit for beginner and home users. These units are, by no means, designed for professional training rather they intend to serve basic exercising needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a Weslo elliptical trainer:

Weslo Elliptical Pros:Weslo 620 Cross Trainer

Arm Bars – Most Weslo ellipticals come with upper body arm bars. Upper body arm bars which provide support to give the body better balance and more control which makes your workout less strenuous. Upper body arms also increase calorie burning, giving your body a complete workout.

17.5” Stride Lengths – The more expensive Weslo ellipticals offer stride lengths of 17.5” which is more than decent for an elliptical at this price. Many other ellipticals around the same price ranger are offering stride lengths of 14”-15”, giving a slight edge to Weslo in terms of its stride lengths.

Economical – With ellipticals coming for under $500, Weslo elliptical trainers are probably the cheapest ellipticals on the market. These units are very economical and anyone looking to fulfill their basic workout needs can easily afford to buy these machines.

Weslo Elliptical Cons:

Basic Design – Weslo ellipticals, because they are very economical, come with a basic design and simplistic construction, without any kind of features that are offered in even the most basic ellipticals. 

Low on Durability – Again, because of the reason they are so cheap, one can assume the standard of quality is similar to the price Weslo comes for. Even a conglomerate like ICON cannot offer quality materials for a price that cheap. Because of that, Weslo elliptical trainers aren’t built to last a long time nor are they meant for excessive or even regular use.


Weslo elliptical trainers aren’t a bad buy if you are looking for something really cheap and affordable to workout in the comfort of your home however, if you are looking for an effective elliptical trainer that can survive heavy usage and last for a long time, than Weslo ellipticals are NOT what you want.

We recommend you to take a look at Nordic Track or Schwinn ellipticals, if you are looking to spend a little extra and want good returns on the money you spend.