Tunturi Elliptical Trainers reviews note good warranties and compact design. These machines are lesser known in the US but are starting to have a great presence.

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Tunturi Elliptical Reviews

Tunturi c20 Cross Trainer - $649
Tunturi c20 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c30 Cross Trainer - $899
Tunturi c30 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c35 Cross Trainer - $975
Tunturi c35 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c40 Cross Trainer - $1,025
Tunturi c40 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c45 Cross Trainer - $1,899
Tunturi c45 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c60 Cross Trainer - $1,299
Tunturi c60 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c65 Cross Trainer - $2,299
Tunturi c65 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c80 Cross Trainer - $2,275
Tunturi c80 Cross Trainer rating

Tunturi c85 Cross Trainer - $2,699
Tunturi c85 Cross Trainer rating

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Tunturi Elliptical Trainers - Lesser known but still a solid choice.

Tunturi Fitness has been in business for more than 80 years, and with that comes quality. Based in Finland, Tunturi Fitness is known for producing some of the best fitness equipment, bikes especially, in their price range. They have been exporting these amazing machines for more than thirty years and began making the Tunturi Fitness Elliptical Trainers to produce well crafted machines for reasonable prices.

With these basic level trainers you will get the intense workout without the punch to your wallet. With a moderate market in the U.S. and a huge following in Europe, Tunturi Fitness Ellipticals are making headway with consumers today.

Tunturi Elliptical Pros:

Compact Design - Machines with a small footprint and great stability are hard to find, especially in the lower price ranges. Luckily the Tunturi Fitness Cross Trainers can offer you both. The machines are sleek and small, easily fitting into the room without taking it over. But these machines are also meant to be worked.

Good Value - This company offers many different ellipticals all within the $700 to $2,900 range. That is a good amount of variety and every user can find something they are specifically looking for at a reasonable cost. These models go from budget basic, to moderately priced mid-level machines, all the way up to costly commercial grade. Tunturi c85 cross trainer review

Green Company - The manufacturers of Tunturi Fitness Cross Trainers are environmentally conscious. They are a company that is proud to be green and are one of the most environmentally friendly fitness equipment manufacturers in the world.

Warranty Value - Tunturi Fitness is a competitive brand, but something that puts them ahead of other manufacturers is the warranty they can offer their customers. For this price range, there is nothing like it. They offer you fifteen years on the frame with three years on parts and electronics. This is completely reasonable for machines costing under $2,000. You get this on all the models across the board and if you register your machines online, you can get a free one year extension on the parts and electronics warranty.

Tunturi Elliptical Cons:

Less Exposure - These Tunturi Fitness Cross Trainers are all the rage in Europe, but do not have nearly as much market exposure in the United States, which does not make them substandard machines, they are just not nearly as popular as some of the more easily recognized brands.

Hard to Find - There are not nearly as many U.S. dealers for Tunturi Fitness Elliptical Machines. Granted they are expanding, but right now your best bet and finding these machines would be on the internet.


Tunturi Fitness Elliptical Trainers are built by a reliable company at reasonable prices. They can offer you quality and comfort in a variety of price ranges. Their designs are small and stylish with a fully encased rear fly wheel based on a tubular steel frame. The free extendable warranty offer makes these machines a great buy, especially if you are looking for entry level machines meant to get your fitness ball rolling. If you have the money you can easily move up to some of their higher end models, getting better resistance systems and an improved console.