ST Fitness Elliptical Trainers reviews comment on the High performance nature of these machines as well as their smooth operation.

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ST Fitness 4860 Elliptical - $1,395
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ST Fitness 8810 Elliptical - $2,795
ST Fitness 8810 Elliptical rating

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ST Fitness Elliptical Trainers - Easy to use and Dependable.

In 2008 ST Fitness Elliptical Trainers launched their training products only to a specialty market. Quickly after the debut the company worked to make their great products more readily available to a larger market of consumers. That is how the ST Fitness Ellipticals first found their place at discount stores such as Sears and Wal-Mart. There also came to be multiple online retailers as well.

As a company they want all of their cross trainers to be challenging and comfortable for their users, thus manufacturing their products efficiently and designing them with their target consumers in mind. With these ellipticals they have worked to design a machine meant to give you the best results in their price range. Star Trac launced the ST Fitness brand as an attempt to make at home fitness even more affordable while also offering some high end products for those consumers who don’t mind paying a little bit more.

ST Fitness Elliptical Pros: ST Fitness 8810 cross trainer review

High Performance Cardio - With the ST Fitness Cross Trainers you are easily motivated to continue coming back for more, day after day. The workouts are supportive and comfortable, while also offering high intensity. Whether you already have an active lifestyle, or are just getting in the game, this is a great in home machine to add to your personal gym.

Easy to Use - The set up and start up of these machines are so easy. All of the features are right at your fingertips.

Variety - Currently there are about six different ST Fitness ellipticals for the at home users to choose from. Many of them share components in design and appeal with their higher end, commercial models. These however, are specifically built for in home use, making them more affordable.

Energy Savers - Many of these ST Fitness Cross Trainers offer an internal, self-contained power supply. This means that no outside source of energy is required to power the ellipticals.

Smooth Ride - The chrome guide rails and front-drive makes for a comfortable and smooth ride. These elliptical machines take impact out of the equation, keeping your joints and back pain free.

ST Fitness Elliptical Cons:

Warranty - For the price you pay to own ST Fitness Cross Trainers, though they are more affordable models, should come with a better warranty. Fifty years limited warranty on the frame, three to ten years on parts and electrical, and one year on labor. Many consumers have come to expect better. 


These machines do offer an average stride length with low step-in heights. This makes them easy to enter and exit, safe for a wide range of users. With Star Trac, you will indeed save money on the cross trainers your purchase, but you cannot expect to have a commercial grade product in this price range. The ride will be comfortable and the workouts intense. These machines are perfect for the novice to mid-level consumers, working in a way that is highly competitive while also keeping your body comfortable.