Star Trac Elliptical Trainers reviews highlight these machines quality construction, vivid displays and well designed workout programs.

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Star Trac Elliptical Reviews

Star Trac S-TBTx Elliptical - $4,245
Star Trac S-TBTx Elliptical rating

Star Trac E-TBT Elliptical - $5,545
Star Trac E-TBT Elliptical rating

Star Trac E-TBTi Elliptical - $6,840
Star Trac E-TBTi Elliptical rating

Star Trac E-TBTe Elliptical - $8,095
Star Trac E-TBTe Elliptical rating

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Star Trac Elliptical Trainers - Quality Machines with Excellent Displays and user interface.

Established in 1987, Star Trac Fitness has been working for a long time to bring consumers the best in fitness and work out machines. Primarily the Star Trac Elliptical Trainers are meant for commercial use. They are built to be subject to the rugged wear and tear of gyms, hotel chains, and fitness clubs. These ellipticals are meant to be used over and over. That is what they are built for. However, in response to consumer inquiries, Star Trac has now released two in-home elliptical models. These machines take many of the components that make their commercial products so great, and implement them into an at home machine.

Star Trac Elliptical Pros:star trac e-tbte cross trainer reviews

High Quality Machines - Star Trac did not skimp out on their products. You get heavy duty machines that can have a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

Great Display - The consoles feature an LED display and tactile response keypads. They are easy to use, and there are so many options you will probably have to use the manual to set everything up properly.

Good Workout - Combines both strength training and cardio into a single, smooth ride. You can choose the intensity of your workouts as well as the programs you wish to use. There is enough variety to keep things interesting. With the Star Trac Cross Trainers you will work your heart and your other muscles too.

Made in the U.S.A. - This can be a huge selling point for many users. The manufacturing facility is based in California and can be a huge advantage if anything ever goes wrong with these ellipticals. It makes ordering parts quick and easy as well as offering up some spectacular customer service.

Small Footprint - Usually a small footprint means a small machine built for small workouts by small users. This is not the case with Star Trac Ellipticals. These machines are meant to handle some of the toughest workouts and will last a long time.

Star Trac Elliptical Cons:

Not Popular - These have not been in the market long enough to have earned a stellar fan base just yet. The owners of Star Trac’s higher end models are all satisfied customers, but they have yet to get the word out.

Heavy - Not only are these machines heavy duty, but hey are just plain heavy. You will need help hefting these machines around the house. It is advised that you choose a place to set this up, and then just leave it there.

Little Selection - For at home buyers there are not very many models available. But the models they do offer are products of a first rate research and development lab.


As an innovative producer of cardiovascular and strength training products, Star Trac Ellipticals are meant to take a beating and keep on going. They can also tolerate an extremely high weight limit. Though these models can be a little bit more expensive, they are well worth the cost when it comes to quality and value. You can have commercial grade workouts on close to commercial grade machines, all within your own home.