Spirit Elliptical Trainers fit into most peoples budgets and have appropriate pricing for features and functionality included.

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Spirit Fitness Elliptical Reviews

Spirit XE 195 Elliptical - $1,399

Spirit XE 295 Elliptical - $1,599

Spirit XG200 e-Glide Elliptical - $1,799

Spirit XE 395 Elliptical - $1,899

Spirit XG400 e-Glide Elliptical - $1,999

Spirit XE 500 Elliptical - $2,199

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Spirit Elliptical Trainers - Comfortable and Sleek Styling add up to Positive Reviews.

Although not as famous as some other elliptical brands, Spirit elliptical trainers are still worth checking out. Spirit is an American based company, now acquired by Dyaco, which is also the same company popular for launching the reputable Sole elliptical range.

Spirit offers a variety of elliptical trainers that are moderately priced. Spirit cross trainers are only offered through licensed representatives in order to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for buying a Spirit Elliptical Trainer:

Spirit Elliptical Pros:Spirit Fitness Cross Trainer

Sleek and Stylish – For the price range offered, Spirit elliptical trainers are very sleek and stylish machines while they are engineered in a way that is durable and built to last for a long time.

Longer Stride Lengths – While most elliptical trainers in this price range offer up to 18” strides, Spirit elliptical cross trainers have an edge against it counterparts as they offer stride lengths of 20”. Longer stride lengths make training a smooth and comfortable experience, resulting in an efficient workout.

Arm Bars – Upper body arm bars which are installed in the Spirit elliptical trainer provide support to give your body better balance and more control which makes your workout relatively easier. The best part is that the upper body arms on the elliptical increase calorie burning, giving your body a complete workout.

Offers Stability – Spirit cross trainers are very stable machines even if you are working out at a high pace. These ellipticals feel very secure and consistent when working out while they provide a solid amount of control to the user.

Solid Warranty – Warranty is considered to be the most important feature by users, especially when buying electronics. Spirit offers a solid warranty for all their elliptical trainers that are relatively better when compared to other brands of the similar price range in the market, with warranties obviously getting better as the price of the unit increases.     

Spirit Elliptical Cons:

Limited Availability – Since Spirit ellipticals are only offered through licensed agents and distributors. They are not as widely available as some other brands and due to the limited distribution scope, can be difficult to locate, which is a discouraging factor for users interested in buying Spirit ellipticals. However, Spirit ellipticals are offered online and can be purchased through the internet.

Limited Features – Spirit ellipticals come with very limited features which could either be good or bad, depending on the user’s preference. Since these ellipticals are very affordable, most users might opt to overlook certain fancy features.


Overall, Spirit ellipticals are a great buy in terms of their price range, warranty, stride length and other features. The design is stylish and engineered to give a smooth and optimal body workout, while most units are priced around $1000, which is not bad considering what Spirit ellipticals have to offer.