Sole Elliptical Trainers reviews comment on reliability, value packed pricing and great adjustability for a wide range of users.

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Sole Elliptical Trainers - Reliable & Users Love Them

Everyone wants to find a company that stands by their products and Sole Ellipticals do just that by offering great warranties and great equipment. This is what you get with Sole Elliptical Trainers. You can feel confident in your purchase, especially with the quality fitness equipment they have available.

Sole began producing treadmills over twenty years ago and within the last eight years has incorporated the elliptical machines in their production line. Sole Ellipticals can be found in hotel chains like Hillton and Omni across the country, but can also be found in your personal home gym.

Sole Elliptical Pros: Sole e95 cross trainer review

Reliable - These machines are built strong and tough. Sole knows how to build something strong and they have found their place as producers of some rugged, high end machines of quality.

Decent Price - These machines are extremely popular and they feel exactly like the type of machine you could ride at a commercial gym. Fortunately you don’t have to pay the commercial grade prices for these amazing machines.

Adjustable - Some models offer an adjustable incline, which means you can find the kind of workout you are most looking for, targeting your glutes and quads specifically or give you a total body workout. By adjusting the angle of the foot pedals you can find a place that is most comfortable for you. That way you can work out longer, without the foot fatigue or numbness you may have experienced on other ellipticals. Also works great both moving forwards and backwards, depending on other muscles you wish to target.

Good Reputation - One of the things you can always count on with Sole are the quality machines they produce. They worked hard to gain the positive reputation they have with their treadmills and it is obvious that with their elliptical machines they plan on keeping up the tradition of quality and superiority.

Smooth Ride - Nothing about these machines is squeaky, clunky, noisy, or imposing. You are likely to use it regularly once you see how easy and comfortable it is to use. Also, the built in cooling fans make every workout a little more bearable.

Sole Elliptical Cons:

Difficult Assembly - The only real hassle about these machines is the weight. These things are heavy, and rightly so for stability purposes, but this also makes them difficult to lug up the stairs and assemble. However, with clear instructions you can’t put these machines together the wrong way. They are just cumbersome.

Quirky HR Monitoring - The sensors are on the handlebars, which means that while you move your grip on them they can lose track of your accurate heart rate. It would be best if you used a chest strap to get the most accurate heart rates.


All fitness professionals can agree that the best types of machines are the one you will use. That is what makes the Sole Elliptical Trainers such a great value; because once they are in place you will certainly use them. They are also perfectly built for a wide range of users, that way the entire family can enjoy a good workout on a regular basis.