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Reebok Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Reebok 1000 x Elliptical - $799
Reebok 1000 x Elliptical rating

Reebok T 7.90 Elliptical - $999
Reebok T 7.90 Elliptical rating

Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Elliptical - $999
Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Elliptical rating

Reebok Super Ramp RL 7.0 Elliptical - $999
Reebok Super Ramp RL 7.0 Elliptical rating

Reebok RL 1500 Elliptical - $1,999
Reebok RL 1500 Elliptical rating

Reebok Elliptical Comparison Chart

Reebok Elliptical Logo
Reebok Elliptical Trainers - Some Models Questionable Value and Quality leave better options available.

Many customers associate the brand name Reebok with the popular sports and fitness manufacturers although Reebok ellipticals are actually owned and distributed by ICON health and fitness that have simply licensed the name from Reebok.

Reebok elliptical brand is owned by ICON health and fitness Apart from Reebok, ICON health and fitness owns many popular fitness companies including but not limited to Proform & Nordic Track Ellipticals.

Reebok elliptical machines are positioned at customers looking to buy ellipticals with a reputable brand name but don’t want to spend too much at the same time. Reebok ellipticals range from about $750 - $2,000.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a Reebok elliptical:

Reebok Elliptical Pros:Reebok Cross Trainer

Famous Brand Name: ICON health and fitness made a smart marketing move by licensing the brand name Reebok, since customers associate the name with the famous Reebok sports when looking to buy ellipticals.

Upper Body Arm Bars: Upper body arm bars installed in the Reebok elliptical trainers provide support to give your body balance and control to make your workout effective and comfortable. Upper body arm bars also increase calorie burning, providing a complete body workout.

Affordable Machines: Reebok ellipticals come under an affordable price range, making the ellipticals feasible for both home and commercial uses. Value per dollar spent goes very far with these cross trainers.

iFit: iFit technology allows the user to download their choice of workout sessions to their elliptical in order to workout as per instructions dictated through the voice of the trainer. It’s just like having a personal trainer.

Longer Stride Length: Newer models of the Reebok elliptical trainers offer stride lengths of up to 20”. Stride lengths help in making the workout a smooth and comfortable experience. However, the newer models are slightly more expensive with price tags of $1200 and up. You truly get what you pay for.


Reebok Elliptical Cons:

Limited Features: Reebok ellipticals seems to have lost its competitiveness and haven’t improved on their designs as of late, while other brands in the market offer a lot more features compared to Reebok ellipticals.

Negative User Reviews: Although users might find themselves tempted to buy Reebok ellipticals confusing it with Reebok Sports, actual users of older models have mostly given negative feedbacks after using Reebok ellipticals.

Questionable Value: The newer models of Reebok ellipticals are relatively expensive than its counterparts and offers less features. Be sure to check out other options on our comparison charts to ensure you’re getting the best features and functionality for a given budget.


Overall, Reebok elliptical are NOT a good buy in terms of what you are spending and what you are getting. Although distributed by a reputable and established company, the limited features and high cost of the new models make Reebok ellipticals a lot less attractive than other brands in the same price range.

Users looking to spend over a $1000 might be more interested in Sole and Nordic Track ellipticals.