Pacemater Elliptical Trainers reviews speak to comfortable user experiences, great consoles and overall good looking machines.

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PaceMaster Silver XT Elliptical - $2,199
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Pacemaster Elliptical Trainers - Smooth, Comfortable and Good Value for the Money.

Pacemaster Elliptical Trainers are high performance machines built with quality construction and are meant to last. These machines, made by Aerobivs Inc., are well executed and some of the higher end models you can find on the market. Pacemaster has a solid reputation when it comes to producing treadmills, and you can expect nothing but the highest quality from their ellipticals as well.

Pacemaster Elliptical Pros: Pacemaster silver xt cross trainer review

Separate Systems - One of the key innovations of the Pacemaster Elliptical Machines is the patented drive bar system. Basically the drive bar and the glide bar systems are separate. This means that the footpads and the drive bar are separated, creating a smooth ride for all users.

No Joint Pain - These models have such an ergonomic ride that there is far less impact on joints and lower back. The ride is comfortable, though the workouts are intense.

Sleek Machines - Often you see elliptical monstrosities that take up an entire corner of a room, looking menacing and imposing. Not so with the Pacemaster Elliptical Machines. They are beautiful machines, quiet as a whisper, with a small footprint.

Commercial Grade - These really are commercial grade machines and give you that same commercial grade ride. Only instead of having to commute to the gym or the club, you have access to a great machine right in your own home.

Fantastic Console - The same technology used on the treadmills is employed in the Pacemaster Elliptical Trainers. Pacemaster holds a high standard of quality and the computer technology is no exception. You get the option of a unique heart rate control mode so that your exercise doesn’t exceed what your heart can handle. Other programs include the Quickstart Mode, Calorie Coach, Fat Burn, and the Full Body trainer.

Pacemaster Elliptical Cons:

Young Brand - The solo line of ellipticals from Pacemaster are very new, which means not many people know about them and have tried them. It is yet to be determined how these machines will hold up, but it is likely they will live up to the same standards as the treadmills and bikes produced by the same company. With these Pacemaster Cross Trainers, the elliptical products of Aerobics Inc. are off to a great start at least.

Bit Pricey - As far as ellipticals go, these are some of the more expensive models. You will pay about three grand.

Lack Adjustability - Some of the machines are not as easily adjusted as other brands provide. However, though there is no incline ramp, it is still great positioning for an ergonomic workout.


Pacemaster Ellipticals will work specific muscle groups and give you the exact workout you are looking for. With a heritage of outstanding treadmills, it will be good to have such reliable ellipticals on the market as well. Your feet won’t slide around, your machines won’t sway, and you can experiment with numerous features. These machines are an outstanding value, offering you commercial level machines built specifically for at home use. What a debut, and you can bet that future models will only improve from here.