Octaine Elliptical Trainers reviews show great products at higher price point. These are solid machines with seated elliptical options.

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Octane Elliptical Reviews

Octane Q35 Elliptical - $2,199

Octane xR3 Seated Elliptical - $2,199

Octane Q37 Elliptical - $2,599

Octane xR4 Seated Elliptical - $2,699

Octane xR6 Seated Elliptical - $3,299

Octane Q47 Elliptical - $4,199

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Octane Elliptical Trainers - Some of the Best Machines on the market.

Octane Fitness is dedicated to only making ellipticals. Octane’s dedication to one product line ensures users top quality and smart design.

Octane Ellipticals are the best machines on the market loaded with new and improved features, so users can experience a comfortable, yet challenging work out from their own home. They offer both standing and seated ellipticals, so you can choose the best method for your specific needs. You can train for races, watch your heart rate, and set personal goals. Octane Fitness offers you quality at a fair price.

Octane Elliptical Pros:

Singular Design - These cross training machines do not look like your usual ellipticals. There are two rails per pedal giving the riders the stability they need. These machines don’t wobble or wiggle, even under the most strenuous workouts.

Small Floor Space - The design of these machines makes them efficient without taking up the entire room. If you want a machine that doesn’t leave a large footprint, but is also sturdily built, then these machines are just right. Octane Q47 Cross Trainer Review

Smooth Action - The movements of the Octane Cross Trainers are so smooth, eliminating any unnecessary bounce. These offer a perfectly comfortable, ergonomically correct stride. It just feels good. The stride is adjustable from 18 inches all the way up to 26 inches, thus making it ideal for a variety of users. In this case, low impact doesn’t equal a lazy workout. These machines can give your body great intensity while also keeping it happy.

Great Upper Body Workout - With most ellipticals your legs end up doing all, if not most, of the work. With these Octane Elliptical Machines the handlebars can converge, making the arm movements just as physical as the foot movements. Your whole body gets a workout without any undue stress on your joints and lower back.

Impressive Durability - These machines are meant to hold up. You really are getting club or gym products you can use in your own home.

Patented Features - With the Octane Elliptical Trainers you are getting technology and innovation you can’t find on any other machines. With their impressive consoles and easy to read displays you can be up and working out in a moment. These are smart machines built to help you get the results you want.

Octane Elliptical Cons:

Rather Pricey - When compared to most other ellipticals you can find these days, the Octane Ellipticals gravitate towards the pricey end of the scale. Fortunately these models are worth every penny spent.


When you first encounter the Octane Ellipticals you might be intimidated by the price tag. Don’t let that discourage you from taking a closer look at these machines. They are solidly built and meant to last. With this quiet, smooth ride you will get results. With the X-Mode program all users, from novice to expert, will find exercises and challenges that will have them coming back for more.