Nordic Track Elliptical Trainers offer a dizzying array of models to fit most fitness needs. Prices start at $599 making them and affordable option.

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Nordic Track Elliptical Reviews

Nordic Track E5Vi Elliptical - $599
Nordic Track E5Vi rating

Nordic Track Pathfinder Elliptical - $599
Nordic Track Pathfinder rating

Nordic Track E7.1 Elliptical - $999
Nordic Track E7.1 rating

AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical - $999
AudioStrider 990 PRO rating

Nordic Track FreeStrider 35 S - $999
Nordic Track FreeStrider 35 S rating

Nordic Track A.C.T. Commercial Elliptical - $999
Nordic Track A.C.T. Commercial rating

Nordic Track A.C.T. Pro Elliptical - $999
Nordic Track A.C.T. Pro rating

Nordic Track FreeStrider 35 Si - $1,899
Nordic Track FreeStrider 35 Si rating

Nordic Track Elite 9.1 Elliptical - $1,999
Nordic Track Elite 9.1 rating

Nordic Track Elite 12.0 Elliptical - $2,299
Nordic Track Elite 12.0 rating

Nordic Track Elite 15.1 Elliptical - $2,599
Nordic Track Elite 15.1 rating

Nordic Track A.C.T. Commercial Pro - $2,799
Nordic Track A.C.T. Commercial Pro rating

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Nordic Track Elliptical Trainers - Wide Variety & Options at Reasonable Prices.

Nordic Track is a popular brand name that specializes in manufacturing high quality elliptical machines. Nordic Track is owned by ICON health and fitness which is one the largest manufacturers of training and fitness equipment in the world. Along with Nordic Track, ICON health and fitness owns popular brand names such as Reebok, Epic, Proform and Freemotion.

Nordic Track elliptical trainers are high performance machines built from innovative design and solid engineering and offer some really cool features. Nordic Track ellipticals are upscale machines, ranging from $800 to $3000, though most users seem to be extremely satisfied with the ones close to the $1000 range.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of buying a Nordic Track elliptical trainer:

Nordic Track Elliptical Pros:

Adjustable Incline – The incline function changes the slope of the elliptical motion which allows the user several variations for their workout while it makes working out more effective as the incline function also allows to work different sets of muscles. Since incline is more commonly found in high-end elliptical trainers, Nordic Track takes an edge for offering this function amongst its competitors.

Longer Stride Lengths – Longer stride lengths enable the user to experience a comfortable workout when training, while they also help in effectively training leg muscles. Most Nordic Track ellipticals used to come with relatively shorter stride lengths (15”-16”), which aren’t considered to be very comfortable, however they have recently done an overhaul of their designs. Now their ellipticals come with strides lengths of 18”-22”, which is a drastic improvement. NordicTrack ACT Cross Trainer

iFit Program Technology – This is a really cool feature not seen in many ellipticals. iFit allows the user to download their choice of workout sessions to their elliptical to workout as per instructions dictated through the voice of the trainer. Nordic Track has also collaborated with Jillian Michaels (For the TV Show “The Biggest Loser”) in pursuit of bringing Nordic Track elliptical users a personal trainer who can coach them through their workouts.

Space Saver – Most of the new Nordic Track ellipticals come with the SpaceSaver function that allows the user to fold their ellipticals. This function enables the user to conveniently store their ellipticals in small spaces. SpaceSaver ellipticals work best for users who live in apartments and condos.

Integrated Speakers & MP3 Ports – Nordic Track elliptical trainers offer built-in speakers and MP3 ports to make your workout enjoyable and relaxing. All you need to do is simply plug in your MP3 player in the elliptical and listen to your favorite music while your exercise.


Nordic Track Elliptical Cons:

Limited Warranty – Most ellipticals come with only a 1 year warranty for parts and labor, while Nordic Track charges extra for an extended warranty. This is one of the drawbacks of buying Nordic Track ellipticals since they don’t offer much in terms of coverage for their ellipticals.

Questionable Durability – Fitness experts don’t recommend buying Nordic Track’s low-end ellipticals for heavy use since they don’t have a very long lifetime compared to the high-end Nordic Track ellipticals. High-end ellipticals work better in terms of durability, but are out of the affordability range for most home-based users.


All in all, Nordic Track ellipticals are a good buy for your money. Their innovative design and handy construction makes using them comfortable for the user, while longer stride lengths along with the incline function makes for a smooth and effective workout experience. Furthermore, cool features like MP3 ports and the iFit make exercising a lot more interactive. While the warranty may not be up to the mark, Nordic Track ellipticals get a good user rating overall.