Livestrong Elliptical Trainers do a great job at offering quality and features at an affordable price point. Co-Developed with Lance Armstrong.

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Livestrong Elliptical Trainers - A new comer making waves & offering incredible value and performance.

The new and exciting Livestrong Elliptical Trainers, developed by Johnson Health Tech in the latter part of 2009, are designed around one thing, optimal positioning for your body.

These are aesthetic machines meant to bring you the most comfort possible while you exercise, giving you a natural striding motion. As one of the best brands newly released, and endorsed by Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, the Livestrong Ellipticals offer new features to help you train and tone faster and more effectively.

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Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Livestrong elliptical trainers:

Livestrong Elliptical PROS:livestrong 13E Cross Trainer

High Quality Machines - Six star certified, these cross trainers, as manufactured by one of the finest fitness equipment companies, guarantee the highest quality at a great price, bringing some serious competition into the elliptical market.

Perfect Pedal Spacing - This combined with the MaxTone ArchPedals, these elliptical help to reduce strain on joints while bringing you the most ergonomically correct workout. That way your body can move all the more naturally. The pedals are curved, meant to keep your lower muscles engaged constantly, much like the popular toning shoes. It not only increases circulation, but also works to improve your posture.

Comfortable Ergonomics - With an extended 20 inch stride length these machines help to give you an even longer stride and work to minimize fatigue. Cheaper models often come with a fourteen to sixteen inch stride, thus limiting the extent of your workout. The longer reaching stride is more natural and increases the work performed by your leg muscles, giving you a comfortable and optimum exercise.

Great Technologies - The tech features include plug in capabilities for your favorite MP3 player with speakers to blast music or audiobooks, but this is not the most impressive use of technology. With the Livestrong Elliptical Machines you get features like Livetrack Interactive Technology. This helps you to track your progress not only on the console, but also online. It also allows you to compare workouts and with a USB, download training programs designed by Lance’s personal strength training coach.

Impressive Incline Options - With the adjustable incline features you can explore twenty levels of power incline, not to be confused with resistance. This extra, usually only found on $3000 models, literally changes the slope of your elliptical stride. You can not only work different muscle groups, but do it in a way that uniquely suits you without overtraining.

Livestrong Elliptical CONS:

Limited History - Livestrong Ellipticals are a fairly new name in the market. Since they are not as well known as other name brands the word has yet to get out about these amazing elliptical trainers. Even with all of the amazing features offered, Livestrong will have to work to get their name out, especially when they are up against some stalwart competition.


In summary, the Livestrong Elliptical Trainers are a fine piece of fitness equipment to have in your own home, and you can have it at a reasonable price. You get a longer, leaner, more effective and comfortable elliptical stride that targets your core strength and muscle development. With these elliptical machines you get the entire package which includes an impressive machine, an array of features, and the at home exercise routine you have been looking for.

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