Lifecore Elliptical Trainers offer one-piece frame construction and excellent overall quality. Don't be turned off because this is a lesser known brand.

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Lifecore LC985VG Elliptical - $799
Lifecore LC985VG Elliptical Rating

Lifecore CD400 Elliptical - $1,849
Lifecore CD400 Elliptical Rating

Lifecore CD550 Elliptical - $2,199
Lifecore CD550 Elliptical Rating

Lifecore V.S.T. V8 Elliptical - $2,999
Lifecore V.S.T. V8 Elliptical Rating

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LifeCore Elliptical Trainers - A Lesser Know Brand with Excellent Warranty & Solid Construction.

Lifecore elliptical trainers are the product of Lifecore Fitness, a Vista, California, based company that started out as a retail store in the early 1990’s. Though not as popular as some other elliptical manufacturing brands in the market, Lifecore is rapidly building a reputation for making stylish elliptical trainers with a strong and solid construction.

Lifecore offers innovative machines such as the ‘center drive’ elliptical trainers while they strongly emphasize on providing high quality customer service.

Listed below are some of the pros and cons of buying Lifecore elliptical trainers to help you decide whether Lifecore is the right brand for you:

Lifecore Elliptical Pros:

Comfort and Luxury – Lifecore elliptical cross trainers are designed with luxury in mind. Lifecore offers padded handlebars, cushioned foot pedals, and ball bearing pivot points for extra-smooth motion. In addition, the narrow foot pedal spacing reduces the stress on the knees and ankles to provide a natural walking motion.

Adjustable or Longer Stride Lengths – Lifecore elliptical trainers offer either adjustable or long stride lengths, varying with the unit. Lifecore elliptical trainers come with a 21” stride length, which is the longest stride length available on any elliptical in the market. On the other hand, adjustable stride lengths are better for multiple users. For example, in a family of four, each individual using the same elliptical trainer will be able to adjust the stride length according to his or her needs, to get a smooth and effective workout.

Front, Rear and Center Drive Elliptical Trainers – Front, rear and center drive elliptical trainers are a sort of exclusive feature as not many brands in the market offer such ellipticals. These types of ellipticals are an innovative concept, while users seem to find these ellipticals more comfortable for working out as opposed to traditional ellipticals. There are many benefits of working out on such an elliptical. For instance, training on a center drive elliptical will allow you to stand more upright while working out and not leaning as much on the handrails. This way, you will burn more calories and get the most out of your workout session.

One Piece Frame Construction – Lifecore elliptical machines are built with single-piece frames that are fully welded. The construction design is such that there are no bolts used in the assembly of the elliptical which would otherwise loosen overtime. Single-piece frames are a sign of solid construction that would last for a long time.

Adjustable Consoles – Lifecore elliptical trainers come with adjustable consoles that can be tilted either forward or backwards. This allows the user to look at the workout statistics easily, regardless of the height.

Lifecore Elliptical Cons:

Not as Well Known – Lifecore elliptical trainers are still fairly unknown compared to other brands of the same rank. Users may overlook Lifecore when looking to buy an elliptical simply because it is not as famous. However, with the new center drive elliptical and some positive user ratings, the word should start spreading fast.

Center Drive Ellipticals – While most users would find the center drive elliptical innovative and effective, there are many users who would rather go with the traditional elliptical designs that offer either the front or the back flywheel.


With its solid construction, stylish and innovative design and smooth and comfortable training experience, Lifecore elliptical trainers are highly recommended. Longer stride lengths, closer foot pedal spacing and the stand upright position in the front and rear drive ellipticals make for a highly effective, calorie burning workout. All this helps makes Lifecore cross trainers a ‘best buy’ for your money.