Landice Elliptical Trainers are top of the line and really demonstrate what a large budget can get you in the premium elliptical category.

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Landice E7 Elliptical - $3,599
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Landice E9 Commercial Elliptical - $3,699
Landice E7 Elliptical Rating

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Landice Elliptical Trainers - As Good as it Gets, at a sizable price tag.

Landice Fitness is a high end treadmill company that is now working to produce elliptical trainers. Raising the standard, the Landice Fitness Elliptical Trainers have set the bar pretty high, becoming one of the most reputable elliptical manufacturers. Landice Reviews are solid across the board and you truly get what you pay for. From their factory in New Jersey, this company makes two types of amazing ellipticals, one for commercial use and one for residential.

Landice Elliptical Pros: Landice e9 Cross Trainer

Lifetime Warranties - These are high quality, high end machines made with only the highest quality components. That is why they can authorize a lifetime warranty on all parts if you purchase it directly from a fitness warehouse.  It is no wonder they are backed by such an incredible warranty.

Technology Like Nothing Else - Everything you will ever need to reach your fitness goals is right at your fingertips with the Landice Fitness Cross Trainers. With state of the art design and graphics, the control panel really is a sight to behold. Combine with that the built in programs and personal programs, this machine was built with your success in mind. You have distance, heart rate, time, distance, and body specific programs, all at the easy touch of a button. Each model comes with a distance display and metabolic equivalent speed to accurately calculate your calories burned.

Smooth Ride - The Landice Fitness Trainers and the patented drive system keep you standing comfortably and upright, keeping your body centered through your whole stride, thus recreating your body’s ergonomic motion. You get the same work out and calories burned as you would running outside or on a treadmill, only on these elliptical you eliminate the impact causing joint and back pain.

Comfort is Priority - The oversized pedals are luxurious, built with orthopedic gel inserts. These Landice Fitness Ellipticals are the combination of treadmill, stairmaster, and low impact elliptical all wrapped up in a gorgeous package.

Amazing Console Options - If you are going to pay this much for an at home fitness machine, then you might as well just order from the manufacturer or large dealer and get a custom order. You can get one of three console options depending on the kind of workouts and time you plan on spending with your elliptical.

The Best - These machines are hands down ranked as the best offers available on the market. There is no downside to purchasing Landice Fitness Trainers.

Landice Elliptical Cons:

Expensive - The only real downside to these machines is not really a downside at all. If you can afford Landice Fitness Ellipticals then you will know your money is being put to good use.

Big Footprint - These machines have a huge footprint. Needless to say, with these ellipticals you get what you pay for, every penny of it.


Hands down this is one of the best, most expensive options out there. Granted, you will have to give it a trial run before you buy, because it might simply be too different to appeal to you, combining aspects of three fitness machines instead of a simple elliptical. However, if given the chance, the Landice Fitness Cross Trainers will prove their worth, time and time again.