Kettler Elliptical Trainers offer smart design elements and quality construction making them a good fitness investment.

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Kettler Elliptical Trainers - German Engineering makes for smooth and quiet operation.

Kettler’s German origin dates back to 1949 and the company has become an international manufacturer of bicycles, riding toys, leisure gear, patio furniture and exercise equipment. Although not as famous as some competing brands, Kettler elliptical trainers have a decent reputation in the elliptical machine industry. Over time, Kettler has established a solid reputation for building a wide assortment of elliptical trainers which are quickly gaining a good reputation in the States.

Kettler manufactures a wide range of elliptical trainers that start selling at a fairly economical price point of about $700 for home use models and up to $5,000 for commercial equipment.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Kettler’s elliptical trainers:

Kettler Elliptical Pros:

Smooth Operation – Heavy Flywheel’s help promote smooth and a comfortable experience during workouts and reduces overall body strain. Kettler ellipticals offer very heavy flywheels which approach the 50 lb mark, very Kettler XT7 Cross Traineruncommon for even the most exclusive machines on the market. This uncompromising approach, helps make operation very smooth.

Quiet Operation – Heavy Flywheels, Sealed Bearings and Poly “V” drive belts make these some of the most quiet elliptical machines on the market.

Smart Design – German engineering always gets its fair share of praise and things are no different with Kettler cross trainers. Advanced programming options, sealed ball bearings, built-in floor levelers and quiet belt drives are some of the quality designed aspects that really stand out.

Upper Body Workout – Upper body arm bars are installed on all Kettler elliptical, help increase cardiovascular activity, making these machine a great total body workout tool.


Kettler Elliptical Cons:

Shorter Stride Length – Stride length is the distance between two successive placements of the same foot, consisting of two step lengths. While most modern elliptical units have strides length between 16”-20” the Kettler home based units have relatively shorter strides at around 15”. Shorter strides can decrease comfort for taller users.

Narrow Frame Width – While a smaller footprint can be viewed as a benefit for storage purpose, it can also be considered a drawback for stability. Most models are around 22” wide, making them just average for lateral stability. This shouldn’t be a big issue unless users are very tall.


Overall, Kettler ellipticals are well-built units. The German engineered units are built to last and ellipticals on the higher end will serve your workout and training needs for a long time. Affordable pricing makes and great quality make Kettler ellipticals an attractive choice for a wide range of users.