Iroman Elliptical Trainers reviews are generally solid but be sure to avoid certain models due to questionable longevity and quality.

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Ironman 1811 Elliptical - $299

Ironman 1815 Elliptical - $399

Ironman 1840 Elliptical - $899

Ironman 1850 Elliptical - $899

Ironman 1860 Elliptical - $1,299

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Ironman Elliptical Trainers - Strong Machines with Great Software.

Ironman Elliptical Trainers are made by Keys Fitness, one of the stronger companies in the market. This U.S. company based in Texas exclusively produces the Ironman brand. These machines are built with the utmost stability and durability, meant to appeal to serious athletes looking for serious workouts. When you think of the Ironman you think of endurance, speed, and stamina. These are exactly the qualities you will find in any of the Ironman Cross Trainers. The many features, resistances, and workout programs are meant to challenge all levels of athletes while helping them plan and maintain workouts targeted to their needs.

Ironman Elliptical Pros: Ironman 1860 Cross Trainer

Machines Can Take a Beating -  Ironman Trainers are made from the roughest, toughest, most durable materials. The frame itself is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, built to last for years to come. This makes them heavy and solid, meant to stay in place and maintain balance and stability.

Biomechanically Correct - Proper positioning is important in any workout. You want to make sure you are putting strain on the proper muscles and keeping your joints and back protected from injury and pain. With the Ironman Elliptical Machines you get great body positioning to give you a great workout while keeping you comfortable.

Ultra Smooth Workout - Ellipticals are supposed to be low impact, but that doesn’t mean every brand will make it easy on your joints and lower back. The industrial strength belt drive with friction free magnetic resistance gives you just that. These smooth, quiet trainers offer better balance and stability giving you an extremely low impact workout that toughens up your entire body.

Amazing Software - The built in software included with the Ironman Ellipticals is not something to sweat. The programs and features are easy to manage and the machines can monitor your body fat percentage and BMI while storing up to nine users at once. Cross Trainers offer numerous built in workout programs so you can get an exciting range of exercises to meet your targeted needs.

Easy Assembly - If directions are followed you can easily assemble these units in just over an hour.

Ironman Elliptical Cons:

Very Heavy - Granted, these machines have great heft and stability, but this also makes it very hard to move after assembly. You need to decide where you would like it to be and it is best to just keep it there.

Company Bankruptcy - This is a big one, and though it doesn’t have any effect on current models already in the market, it could definitely take a toll on future models and customer service.


All in all this is an excellent purchase for your home gym at a very reasonable price. They are easy to operate and works well for a variety of fitness levels. The Ironman Elliptical Trainers have solid materials, are built to last, and the large LCD display is easy to see and use. These machines can easily fit in any room and are great even for apartments and small homes. The Ironman Ellipticals come in a wide range of prices and models, ranging from economy to the middle price range, making sure you can find just the right machine for your individual needs.