Image Ellipticals offer entry level features and functionality at a budget price. These budget ellipticals are a great choice for beginners.

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Image 8.25 Elliptical - $250
Image 8.25 Elliptical Rating

Image 7.8 Elliptical - $299
Image 7.8 Elliptical Rating

Image 8.5 Elliptical - $450
Image 8.5 Elliptical Rating

Image 9.5 Elliptical - $499
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Image Elliptical Trainers - Entry Level Machines at Buget Friendly Prices.

If you are just starting out with elliptical training and looking for a great deal on your first machine then you should consider Image Elliptical Trainers. These are compact ellipticals built to help you ease your way into working out without busting the bank, with elliptical machines starting at $250.

This is not a machine for expert fitness individuals. Instead, they are specifically designed and built for home use. These machines perform well for the average person. This brand offers remarkable resistance, fun, motivating routines, and challenging preprogrammed workouts.

Image Elliptical Pros: image 8.5 cross trainer

Great Features - With Image Trainers you get an extremely reliable heart rate monitor, a good measure of calories and carbohydrates burned, as well as your distance and time. With preprogrammed workouts you can keep your workouts interesting and stay motivated. Also, you can change resistance with just one button.

Great Company Reputation - The Image Trainers are manufactured through ICON Fitness, who has a great history of producing safe and quality products.

Perfect Entry Level Option - These light weight machines are great for the casual user. They are small and will fit easily in any room you choose. The programs are easy to follow, the screen easy to read, and the machines easy to ride.

Easy Assembly - All you need is one to two hours and you can have these machines up and running.

Nice Results - The Image Trainers are built with an Intensity Ramp. What this does is target specific large muscle groups so you can both strengthen and develop your muscles. You can decide whether to focus on aerobic workouts, weight loss workouts, or heart healthy workouts. Really, it is a great deal for a great workout.

Innovative Technologies - You get traditional elliptical workouts with the new and improved powers of the latest technology. The extraordinary console can access your home internet and use iFit workouts, get interactive memory cards, and track your progress. They really are quite interactive machines for such a great price.

Image Elliptical Cons:

Not Well Known - It is hard to find reviews on this product because it is not as well known as the NordicTrack and Reebok lines, produced by the same parent company. The Image brand is simply a recent addition.

Hard to Find - Most stores will not carry the Image Elliptical Machines. Mostly likely you will have to order online if you want one of these for your own home.

Battery Powered - The power adapter on some machines will cost extra. Otherwise will have to use D size batteries.


As previously mentioned this is great for the average workout. You will get the best out of your exercise for an amazing price. Choose your workout, choose your music, and choose your training program. The CoolAire fan will keep you nice and refreshed while the natural fluid stride will keep your joints feeling great. You can easily add resistance to even your hardest workouts, thus strengthening total body and especially your legs.