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Horizon CE5.2 Elliptical - $499

Horizon CE9.2 Elliptical - $499

Horizon EX-57 Elliptical - $499

Horizon EX-58 Elliptical - $549

Horizon EX-59 Elliptical - $599

Horizon EX-68 Elliptical - $799

Horizon EX-69 Elliptical - $799

Horizon EX-78 Elliptical - $999

Horizon EX-79 Elliptical - $999

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Horizon Elliptical Trainers - Excellent Value & Features.

Horizon Elliptical Trainers from the Johnson Health Tech group are high quality, budget machines. These elliptical machines are known for their sleek designs and quality construction, riding even better than they look. This new generation of elliptical machines is comfortable, durable, and stable.

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Horizon Trainers make workouts fun and invigorating, working the total body without the strain on joints and lower back. The Johnson Health Tech group established a six star certification, measuring the quality of six important requirements, derived from extensive research of biomechanics and customer reviews. Each product must pass the test before it is deemed market ready.

Horizon Elliptical Pros:

Great Features - Horizon Elliptical Trainers are loaded with features and all of them are managed by a nice looking, easy to use console. With these machines you get a great LED display with three windows and seven installed work out programs. Then you also have the convenience of speakers and iPod or MP3 input added to the comfort of a cool console fan.

High Value Machines - Consumers love these products. In fact, Horizon Fitness has gained a17 percent share in the elliptical market, making them a great competitor for other companies. You get exceptional performance from a fairly low priced elliptical trainer.

Horizon EX-78 Cross Trainer Natural Stride - The Horizon Trainers give you a smooth, comfortable workout. There is a ZERO Gap overlapping pedal, meaning you get a long, comfortable stride while decreasing strain on your back and hips. The 20 inch foot path also means you have a wider range of motion to still accommodate comfort even at higher speeds. There is no bounce in the stride of these machines and they are extremely comfortable to use.

Exceptional Warranty - The frame and brake has a best-in-class lifetime warranty. Next up you get a one year in home labor and parts warranty, proving that Horizon backs up their products. You also have the ability to purchase extended warranties for one or two years if you so choose.

Easy Assembly – If you choose to assemble this elliptical on your own, you’ll appreciate the clear instructions.The nuts and bolts of the Horizon Elliptical Trainers are placed in order making it easy to follow the instructions in the manual and make sure you have everything tightened down in the right place. If you are fairly handy you can easily have the whole thing done in a couple of hours.

Horizon Elliptical Cons:

Budget Limitations - These models are not designed for heavier individuals or extreme strenuous use. You get exactly what you pay for, so just keep in mind that these models are primarily built to accommodate moderate weight and moderate use, fine for most casual fitness users.


This is your machine if you are looking for a quality, but not super expensive elliptical. These are highly consumer recommended machines that will give you a nice, total body work out with stride length ranging from 18-20 inches. With Horizon Elliptical Machines you can bring the benefits of the gym into your own home. These efficient elliptical trainers can fit into any room, including low ceiling basements. The smooth and fluid motions are meant to keep the workouts low impact, but still make you sweat. The Horizon Cross Trainers will protect your back, knees, and sensitive joints while implementing an array of challenging programs meant to mimic the movements of walking, skiing, stepping, and cycling.