Research backed Healthrider Elliptical Trainers provide a high quality machines for the right budget.

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HealthRider H90e Elliptical - $899
HealthRider H90e Elliptical  Rating

HealthRider Stride Trainer Elliptical -$999
HealthRider Stride Trainer Elliptical Rating

HealthRider H95e Elliptical - $999
HealthRider H95e Elliptical Rating

HealthRider Club H140e Elliptical - $1,399
HealthRider Club H140e Elliptical Rating

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HealthRider Elliptical Trainers - Value Backed by One of the Largest Fitness Equipment Manufacturers.

Healthrider products are always guaranteed to share one thing in common, high quality. The same goes for Healthrider Elliptical Trainers, and you should expect nothing less. You will get a good price for a quality machine manufactured by Icon, one of the largest at home exercise manufacturers. As a manufacturer of Healthrider, Icon Fitness proceeds with enduring success. They know what the fitness consumers want and work to provide just that, choices. If you are looking for an elliptical trainer between $700 and $1,500, you have just found it.  These research backed Healthrider Ellipticals provide a high quality machines for the right budget.

Healthrider Elliptical PROS:HealthRider H95e Cross Trainer

Household Name - It is always nice to have a product backed by a well known name. Though this name is more commonly associated with the riders, the new line of Healthrider Ellipticals is a branch of the same, reliable company producing the same, reliable products.

Good Performance - For the price you pay, you get an above average rating from all consumers who have purchased Healthrider Ellipticals. Trainers agree that these machines are good, at home performers that will last. There are programs and features and with their handful of models you are sure to find a machine just right for you and your workout routine.

Great For Beginners - They have no frill models, longer stride models, and basic budget models. Needless to say, these are great machines for those who are just starting out and don’t want to, or cannot afford to, spend a fortune.

Nice Workout at Home - With these machines you can isolate your calves, quads, and glutes. Basically you are toning and working some of the most troublesome spots on your body. The pedals are slightly oversized and include some built in padding, giving you a comfortable ride for your feet. Great results are packed into these easy to use machines.

Healthrider Elliptical CONS:

Limited Warranty - Though these machines are durable and reliable, it would be nice to have a better reassurance with proper warranty coverage and the peace of mind achieved with an extended warranty. This doesn’t mean you need to worry about the machine falling apart, in fact, in most situations these ellipticals won’t let you down in any way. It is just a little worrisome that all you have is 90 day coverage.

Relatively New Brand - The Healthrider Elliptical Trainers are still fairly new, and less known in the market. In the fitness industry these ellipticals are not used as much, but their good reputation is growing.


Though the Healthrider Elliptical Machines are fairly new to the market they are backed by a name and manufacturer with a solid history of quality products. With their handful of solid performers, these machines can give you the at home workout experience you have been looking for. By offering only a few elliptical models, Icon and Healthrider are focusing on quality, mid range machines that are built to last. Get great performance, great design, and great choices at an even better price when you go with the Healthrider Ellipticals.