Great Muscle Focus. The Cybex Cross Trainers focus on the larger muscle groups and do so at a professional grade level.

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Cybex 360A Cross Trainer -$3,495

Cybex 425A Cross Trainer - $4,995

Cybex 750A Cross Trainer - $6,500

Cybex 750AT Cross Trainer - $6,999

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Cybex Elliptical Trainers - Bullet Proof Design Good Enough for Commercial Use with Plenty of Residential Appeal.

As a leading manufacturer, Cybex International works to produce premiere exercise machines, most often used for commercial use. Cybex Elliptical Trainers are engineered, using exercise science, to bring you the most natural movement and most comfortable body positions available. These trainers can be used by the novice and professional alike, with a wide range of machines and options.

Cybex specializes in commercial Ellipticals at commercial pricing but most of their customers actually come from the residential market. These revolutionary machines have been impressively named Product of the Year for two consecutive years by Fitness Management.

Cybex Elliptical PROS:cybex 750a Arc Trainer

At Home Health Club - With the Cybex Elliptical Machines you get a natural, comfortable, and effective workout right in your own house. These innovative machines are a culmination of research and advanced exercise science. In less time, you can burn even more calories without even realizing how hard your body is working.

Great Muscle Focus - The Cybex Cross Trainers focus on the larger muscle groups like upper legs and glutes, but also give you great options for working the lower body with gradual resistance levels. On some ellipticals you may feel a little short changed, not getting the proper workout you would expect. You don’t have to worry about that with the Cybex Trainers. These machines really work.

Not Your Typical Elliptical - These machines combine the natural movement elements of a hiker, a climber, a and skier. There is no easy way to describe the motion. You just have to try it and feel for yourself.

Less Strain on Joints - One of the many reasons most people forgo running outside or on the treadmill is the pain they feel in their knees and lower back. With the Cybex Elliptical Machines you will experience a thorough, yet low impact workout. Because of Reverse Arc motion technology the proper muscles are engaged at the right times, burning the highest amount of calories with little force on your back, knees, and hips.

Can’t Outgrow These Machines - There are so many settings, inclines, and resistances you can use, maxing resistance out at 200. Just think of all the combinations you can try to tackle and challenge yourself with.

Cybex Elliptical CONS:

Strange Hand Motion - The hand motion on the Cybex Ellipticals mimic the foot motion. So, if your left foot is moving forward, so is your left hand. This takes a little bit of getting used to, but this motion is one of the linier paths that give you better posture, a better upper body workout, and less pain in the wrists.

Very Heavy - This is great for stability, but not great for set up. Though it arrives nearly fully assembled, make sure you have some extra hands to help lift the weight.


The Cybex Ellipticals are used by gyms, clubs, and home trainers. The natural movement of the machines is easier on your body, but helps you burn more calories in less time. Under the Cybex brand you get high quality trainers, built to last. They are strong and sturdy. Nothing vibrates, shakes, or squeaks while you work out. Get a smooth, silent ride that works all the right muscles without hurting all the wrong joints.