Body Solid Elliptical Trainers Reviews really show a focus on quality construction and attention to ergonomic design.

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Body Solid Elliptical Reviews

Body Solid Endurance E4 - $750
Body Solid Endurance E4 Rating

Body Solid Endurance E5HRC - $1,399
Body Solid Endurance E5HRC Rating

Body Solid Endurance E7HRC - $1,500
Body Solid Endurance E7HRC Rating

Body Solid Endurance E300 - $1,549
Body Solid Endurance E300 Rating

Body Solid Endurance E400 - $1,699
Body Solid Endurance E400 Rating

Body Solid Endurance E5000 - $2,099
Body Solid Endurance E5000 Rating

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Body Solid Elliptical Trainers - Compact Footprint and Reliable Design

Body Solid started out mainly producing weight machines, but has now moved on to elliptical trainers, making them a major part of the company’s market.

Body Solid Elliptical Trainers are rapidly increasing in popularity, and though they will never surpass the status of the weight machines produced in the company, these ellipticals are of the highest quality. Every model is totally encased, making these machines more compact, perfect for decreasing the floor space. Really, they are meant to suit your specific needs.

Body Solid Elliptical Pros:

Quality Construction - Body Solid has built a solid, mid-level machine. There is great stability on these machines, making you feel rooted without the rock and sway of some lighter, more flimsy cross trainers. They can support a user up to 300 pounds, very impressive for such a compact piece of at home equipment. Body Solid Cross Trainer Review

Perfect Size - These Body Solid Elliptical Machines are as unobtrusive as they come, built to be handy and compact. At first they appear to be rather odd looking, with the flywheel closed up in a sleek housing. But once you get over the initial surprise, you will see the advantage.

Total Body Workout - These machines are great for people watching their weight, aerobic enthusiasts, and even body builders. You get all the benefits of a weight bearing workout without the usual impact on your joints and back.

Commercial Grade - These Body Solid Cross Trainers are meant to bring the quality workouts of the gym into your home. It works to keep you motivated with a variety of levels meant to suit you.

State of the Art - There are some great designs in these Body Solid Ellipticals. They can handle multiple users with a variety of features included, all at a price you can afford.

Outstanding Warranty - Nothing proves a quality machine better than a quality warranty supplied by the company. With the Body Solid Ellipticals your purchase is protected by the toughest warranty in the industry. You get lifetime coverage on parts and one year coverage on labor.

Body Solid Elliptical Cons:

Hard to Find - Most of these Body Solid Elliptical Machines are difficult to find under the Body Solid brand name. In fact, most of them are coined by the title of Endurance Ellipticals. So when looking for Body Solid outside of internet sources, just ask for the Endurance Ellipticals, because they are the same thing.

Not as Advertised - These machines are not often named in the press or reviews. However, this does not mean they are not reliable. They are a great offer for the price, they are just not nearly as well known.


If you are looking for a quality, mid-priced elliptical machines then the Body Solid Elliptical Trainers are a brand you should seriously consider. They offer smooth performance, solid construction, and are convenient in their out of the way size. With a quality warranty and a long list of features, you can get a commercial grade workout in the comfort of your own home. These machines are built for big workouts in small spaces, giving you superior total body workouts for a reasonable price.