Bodyguard Elliptical Trainers reviews are solid and you really get what you pay for at this premium price point.

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BodyGuard E250X Elliptical - $3,199
BodyGuard E250X Elliptical Rating

BodyGuard E350x Elliptical - $3,799
BodyGuard E350x Elliptical Rating

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BodyGuard Elliptical Trainers - Smooth Motion & Feature Packed Designs

As one of the only Canadian cardio fitness equipment manufacturers they produce good quality machines, and have been doing so since the 60’s. They continue to make ellipticals in the mid-price range and though they are best known for their treadmills, their ellipticals are also acknowledged to be of the same caliber. The BodyGuard Elliptical Trainers are incredible machines to have as part of your home gym. They are comfortable and heavy duty machines, meant to be put to work.

BodyGuard Elliptical PROS:

Body Guard E350 X Large Solid Machines - The BodyGuard Cross Trainers are heavy duty, mid-range cross trainers built to last. In contrast though, the pedals are extremely comfortable and the ride is extremely smooth. It doesn’t shake or swing from side to side while you work out and is one of the most solid machines around. These ellipticals can withstand quite a bit of abuse.

 Packed Full of Features - BodyGuard Elliptical Trainers are meant and built to be used, and used regularly. They have a built in heart rate training zone, reverse motion detection systems, and an optional posture bar. The LED display is bright and easy to read at a glance.

Comfortable Pedals - The padding used by Bodyguard is a firm and durable cushion. Your feet will feel great during workouts, and the pedals will bring you the most comfort possible. Ellipticals are already zero impact and don’t necessarily require padding, but it works well in keeping your feet from falling asleep and getting sore.

Smooth, Easy Motion - The BodyGuard Elliptical Machines offer a near-perfect ergonomic motion. They can take up to a maximum weight of 350 pounds and still feel just as smooth, stable, and comfortable as ever.  The BodyGuard Ellipticals have one of the most natural feeling spacing you can find at just under two inches. The pedals are also easily adjustable.

Super Easy Assembly - These are some of the quickest and easiest trainers to put together. They come almost fully put together, delivered to your door. Then there is they easy to understand manual and your total assembly time can take less than thirty minutes.

BodyGuard Elliptical CONS:

Priced a Bit High - Bodyguard knows that even though they will continue to make high quality machines, the majority of consumers will simply go on purchasing the more well known brand names. This is why you probably won’t be seeing any change in the price tag.

Not Aesthetic - There are several machines out there beautifully built, looking sleek and modern. These models are not so aesthetically appealing, but you can guarantee they are good, high quality products.

Not Tall Enough - There have been some problems with these units being uncomfortable for taller users. The placement of the handlebars in relation to the leg position is slightly lacking.


With BodyGuard Ellipticals you get sturdy, high quality machines built to last and made to be worked to the max. These mid-range ellipticals from Canada are only mid-range when it comes to price. Otherwise they are incredible, high quality products that are easy to assemble and comfortable to ride.