AFG Elliptical Trainers leverage the experience from it's large parent company to make smooth operating product with unique design features.

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AFG 2.0 AE Elliptical - $1,199

AFG 3.0 AE Elliptical - $1,499

AFG 4.0 AE Elliptical - $1,799

AFG 214.0 AE Elliptical - $1,899

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AFG Elliptical Trainers - Unconventional Design & Smooth Action.

The last thing you want or need when trying to exercise is more excuses. That is the focus of AFG Elliptical Trainers, eliminating the excuses used to avoid exercise. If you are not crazy about going to the gym, no worries, you can have an excellent cross trainer in the privacy of your own home. Other ellipticals you have tried might have been difficult to use and understand, but with AFG you are more comfortable and exercise is easy. You can easily start, adjust, and finish your workout without any fuss. So no more excuses, just take a look at the AFG Elliptical Machines.

AFG Elliptical Pros:AFG 4.0 AE Cross Trainer

Really Smart Fitness - The Advanced Fitness Group works as part of the Johnson Health Tech. As the fourth largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world you will get the best products at the best prices if you stick with Jonhson Health Tech. With more than three decades of experience you can guarantee the expertise applied in making each machine is impressive.

Great Stability and Control - These ellipticals are great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. You get smooth, consistent, reliable drive systems that work to mimic an ergonomic and natural walking motion. With a capacity up to 325 pounds these AFG Elliptical Trainers are built to last.

Low Profile Machines - The AFG Cross Trainers are quiet and sleek. They fit in low ceiling rooms and take up very little space, keeping your room from feeling cluttered.

Awesome Workouts - Your hamstrings, core, and glutes are fully engaged throughout the entire work out. You have a full range of inclines and eliminated bounce, making for more concentrated workouts and less recovery time. These machines offer extraordinary, low impact workouts. They are great for rehabilitation or just regular running sets for those cold days. Not only do they work your legs, but really do implement a full body workout.

Numerous Options - With the AFG Cross Trainers you are given even more exercise options than those you would find at the gym. Also, controlling all of these options has never been easier with multiple LED screens and intuitive buttons. You get programs and feedback at a glance. You can walk, run, or even climb stadium chairs if you are ambitious. You also have the capability of plugging in an iPod or MP3 player.

Warranty and Guarantee - AFG Ellipticals are backed up by the company. Their warranties are the highest in the industry, offering in home service and convenient scheduling.

AFG Elliptical Cons:

Assembly Takes Time - Even with instructions it can take up to three and a half hours to assemble some of the AFG Elliptical Machines. However, once they are assembled and plugged in they feel great.


With AFG Elliptical Machines you know that every key component is manufactured in one of their facilities. They have full control over each design and each machine, which is why they can offer such a spectacular guarantee on all of their products. With some of the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the industry you are getting quality fitness equipment in your own home, guaranteed.