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About Us:

Who we are and what do we know about Elliptical Trainers and Cross Trainers anyway?

We at EllipticalTrainers.net have been reviewing and rating elliptical machines to educate consumers on all options prior to spending any money. We are constantly striving to add the latest Elliptical Machine information and reviews for you.

We strive to provide you the latest information on elliptical trainers. Our site provides up to date information on elliptical manufactures, products and changes in the industry. Education starts with understanding the basics and we try to be as clear as possible right on our homepage on the various components you'll need to understand and compare to make a good decision.

Good decisions start with good information, so we make it a point to speak with Industry Experts, Have our Staff Test Machines and rely on users to inform us on what works and what doesn't. Our staff compiles this information and constantly updates our model reviews, brand reviews, comparison charts and general information. If it pertains to elliptical trainers and fitness, we aim to be your one-stop information source.

Ellipticals are evaluated based on features, quality, user reviews and the level at which they stack up against the competition.

How we got Started:

It all started with one bad purchase. That purchase was for an elliptical trainer from one of those big-box chains that ended up being a total disappointment. After returning our machine, we went to a place where most people go before they purchase new products...the web. What we found was a lot of information, that wasn’t consolidated and in many cases inaccurate. The frustration lead my wife and I to conduct additional research from many different sources. Well, to keep the story short, we ended up finding an elliptical that really met our needs and is still in use today. We realized we could share our knowledge and build upon it...that's when EllipticalTrainers.net was born.

From humble beginnings of a husband and wife team, our staff now consists of 7 people with diverse backgrounds in health, fitness and even one ex-engineer. Our goal is to grow the most comprehensive site on elliptical trainers available on the web.

Thanks for visiting our site and if you have any additional questions, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

- The EllipticalTrainers.net Team